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Children and dogs

Let’s see into this question!

Why I have such definite judgment that there is no place for a dog in a family where a baby was born or toddle! Moreover, my opinion is the same about dogs of any breed, and as for dogs of small breeds such as Chihuahua I consider that it’s not time yet! And when people argue that a baby should grow up in a family with pets and develop playing with a dog, I strongly disagree!

For the baby’s growth and development you can buy him a good cuddly toy, that he can drag by the ears and tail, while playing throw it without bad intent or anger (children have no anger!), let the baby grow up and develop with his toy. But a dog is not a toy! It is a living being as You and me and it can also feel pain, even if it is quite and suffers silently, it doesn’t mean it feels no pain and that the situation is fine!

When a child is 6 years old, he can already control his emotions, and many children of this age are keen to have dogs and carefully play with them, they are becoming friends and in this case they make a fine tandem! A child and his faithful companion, the dog!!!

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