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Our graduate — DO-RE-MI

It’s a pleasure when a person, who comes getting to know the puppy, realizes the responsibility he takes for the puppy’s life! Well, in that way Julia came to my house! A beautiful young woman, very energetic! I liked her at once! DO-RE-MI looked at her, went into her arms and never wanted to get off!!! It was love at first sight!!!

There also were no difficulties with the new name, during the talk she said:”Your name is DO-RE-MI — SHKA, You will be my Mishka!!!” And Mishka was looking for his mom, and when she came he was excited to meet her. On his way home he had a little cry and arrived at his new home! There were toys waiting for him, a wonderful place prepared for him by Julia and there was no time for sorrow!!! Now they are together everywhere and make each other very happy!!!

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