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Our Dogs

Welcome to page OUR DOGS! Here You can meet our beautiful Chihuahua, view the photos, videos and learn their studbook. For every dog there is an individual page where You can find all the information, see her puppies from different breeders. Our first girls are from SUNNY LION kennel.
The breeding result of our beloved kennel that gave us the opportunity to begin our stud breeding, using excellent and good fixed lines of our dogs, being sure in good mentality and friendly attitude of our pets to people.
We seriously plan the mating of our girls, choosing the best representatives of the breed! From mating we leave the puppies that meet all our requirements for further kennel’s work.

About Puppies

All the cares and emotional stress related to the birth of the puppies are behind! All the puppies are healthy and actively nursing the mother! Their first and very important life stage is passed! Our girls are great mothers! Puppies are always clean, fed and under constant supervision. They are still very little and look like small hamsters! In a while they will have small slit eyes, then round and meaningful eyes, first steps, puffing and shaking! Then puppies’ first games will begin. My favorite time! And finally, carefully and very curiously, they will leave their nest for the first time! Everyone will have his own character, everyone will make his own way how to draw the attention first! And then, going outside! Everything is new! First rain in their lives, first snow, first wind and first rustling of leaves! Hello, World! We are here!



Presentations of Puppies

APRIL 2017

APRIL 2017

TRUEBLUE'S MAN ABOUT TOWN & MELODY BLACK SEA ARABICA, double litter, a wish of using once again the blood of famous American kennel DAZZLES. Puppies pleased a lot! Wonderful anatomy and good tempered.



TRUEBLUE'S MAN ABOUT TOWN & SUNNY LION SONATA DE LA MUR, these puppies were my dream! I was eager to add to the line the blood of the famous American kennel DAZZLES. The puppies met all my expectations!



First puppies in the kennel о: HELENA'S BAND GALLILEO & м: SUNNY LION SONATA DE LA MUR Puppies were growing up and exploring the world, we were learning a lot! They answered our hopes and now live in new families making them happy.

Our Video

Odessa! How beautiful my city is, it’s gorgeous in any season of the year!
It’s so nice to walk along the city streets and to get pleasure from the seaside walks. Going over a green avenue, placed along the seashore. To see green hillsides and of course acacias, the landmark of the city! In May there is incredibly pleasant and attractive flavour from the blossom of these trees, «Fragrant bunches of the white acacia…»
In autumn is the rustling of fine brown pods of spin form, the tree seeds. And eternal bubble of the sea, with white spindrift! And seagulls! Of course, seagulls! With pleasure posing for photos, flying their way, playing with girls at the sand shore, letting them come near, and flying up when they come too close! And the dogs are so excited by their actions! Time, hold on a minute, You are beautiful!



Pavle Relic

" It is great pleasure to have such friends. Cooperation with them is truly exceptional. A high quality female coming from this kennel MELODY BLACK SEA AURORA-ASIA gave birth to 7 wonderful puppies with whom I truly proud. I must also note that the constant contact and advice of my friends are really very valuable to me. Thank you very much for everything. "

-- Pavle Relic
Никита Ильницкий

" Купили щенка в питомнике MELODY BLACK SEA по рекомендации друзей и не ошиблись,щенок здоров с прекрасным характером. Стал любимцем нашей семьи. На все вопросы по уходу и выращиванию щенка получали нужные нам ответы.Третий год живет и радует нас ARAMIS, а Вадим и Оксана стали нашими друзьями.Вот,так маленький чихуахуа стал началом нашей дружбы "

-- Никита Ильницкий
Людмила Пушкарева

" Моя дочь, Машенька мечтала о чихуахуа с длинной шерстью. Мы дружим с Оксаной много лет когда я узнала, что ее собачка будет иметь щенков, мы стали ждать. Увидев VIKINGA мы поняли сразу, что он наш! Когда мальчик подрос мы привезли его к себе. Не жалею ни минуты о своем выборе! Очень умная, добрая и ласковая собака. Спасибо Оксана за радость в нашем доме "

-- Людмила Пушкарева

" Выражаю огромную благодарность питомнику за своего верного и преданного друга Гелика !!! Кобель с прекрасной родословной, отменным здоровьем, уравновешенной психикой, дарит много радости. Только положительные впечатления от владельцев питомника Оксаны и Вадима. Так держать. "

-- Анна
Afonso Rodrigues

" The baby that we have, is a wonderful girl with super temperament and very nice head ! We fell in love since the first time we meet her "

-- Afonso Rodrigues